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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Life Changes | Bit of a Freak

I miss writing. I miss being able to spill all of my thoughts out onto print, to be creative with my word choices and sentence style, to figure out the best way to communicate my message. Writing helps me to organise, to focus, to declutter. I miss having a purpose for my photographs and need to improve my photography. My blog was born almost 3 years ago and yet, despite my love of writing, it hasn't done very much. I think it's time for this to change.

When I first began blogging, it was anonymous. I still battle in my head as to which is better for me. On the one hand, in order for me to be completely honest it would have to be anonymous, I have a professional job which would mean I would have to be careful about the content. But I think mostly it comes down to confidence. Having the confidence to be myself and to open up whilst blogging in my own name is huge. Blogging under my own name is a real challenge, and that's why I decided to do it. I still don't share my blog with my friends, however, through fear of judgment, but this is something  I am working on. The blog was me, exploring ways of finding my blue sky, unleashing my creativity. I began this particular blog after my grandma had died. I needed a place to extract my thoughts. I think my total lack of organisation was what lead to me being unable to keep up with the blog. When you are a student, it is pretty easy to be able to blog. You have a lot of downtime outside of partying and the occasional lecture, but when you are a teacher it isn't the case. I was different then, I was living at home, I was a student, I had different things that made me happy and different things that made me sad, different motivations and wishes. Now, I live in a different part of the country, in my own house, with a professional job, and a long-term boyfriend. 

Whilst I may have had some drastic life changes, I still want to blog for the same reasons. To find my blue sky, to share my highs and lows, to organise my thoughts, to have my pensieve back. And so, this is what I plan to do. This post doesn't have a point really, other than to say, I miss you, my little blog, and I am going to put more effort into you.

What are your reasons for blogging? How does writing help you?

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