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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Castleton | Derbyshire | Bit of a Freak

Gooood morning!

Today I am here to preach to you about the absolute beauty that is my home county, ye grand olde Derbyshire! I love to explore, and Derbyshire is the perfect place because it is gigantic and delightful and just a hunk of joy. Yes.

So on Sunday I did exactly that! I got up, hosted some family who had inconveniently turned up unannounced as goes the norm, became late, dashed about the house, into the shower, splish 
splash, whacked on some very basic make-up, dressed in a tube skirt, my university hoodie and my high-tops (I oozed sexiness, particularly with my wet hair) and jumped in the car with the 2 B's and P and off we went on our merry old way.

Castleton was our destination of choice. Apparently we traveled the length of Australia to get there as we were unsure of the way but HOLY MOLY it was all worth it! Phoebe looked the coolest, as usual.

We started by fueling our bodies with fish finger sandwiches, a side of mushy peas, and a mountain of chips to share, naturally.

Then attempted to burn off some of the calories with a walk around Castleton. I enjoyed every single second.

It was pleasantly busy, as it was a beautiful day, Mr. Sunshine has his hat on and was making the place sparkle. 

We visited a little farm yard, saw lots of little lambs and baby cows, and took enjoyed the amazingly beautiful views.

I feel incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful part of England and I want to savour every moment of it before I enter the dark side and move down south (BOOO) in four months.

Have you been to Derbyshire? If not, why not? Get your beautiful little butts here and take a look around!


  1. What beautiful photos! But hey, don't knock the south alright? ;) Where in the south are you going? xxx
    La Lingua : Food, Life, Love, Travel, Friends, Italy

  2. Thank you so much :) haha, I apologise, everyone north of Watford Gap has a natural aversion to the south I think :) I am moving to Winchester for uni! xo

    1. Oh lovely, have fun! I'm from Kent and go to uni in Devon so pretty much everything is North for me, something that I have debated about with my Yorkshire flat mates many a time :p xxx

  3. It does look delightful but my overwhelming memories of Castleton are of a school geography field trip where it tipped it down and we were forced to climb up a hill path which had practically turned into a stream, just so we could go and look at soil. Not fun!