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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Martin Creed: What's the point of it? | Review | Bit of a Freak

Last Wednesday saw the return of one of my best friends for a few days of r&r from her volunteering in Iraq. I jumped on the coach and hot-footed it to London for a day of catching-up, food and fun, and fun was exactly what we had.

We visited the Hayward Gallery (Southbank) to see Turner Prize winner Martin Creed's exhibition "What's the Point of it?". The gallery was full to the brim with Creed's work, having used perhaps every medium possible, and was an absolute pleasurable assault on your senses.

To enter the exhibition you are required to push your way past a bench which is partially blocking the doorway, into a room in which you fear you are about to be decapitated.

A huge, steal, sign whizzes around the room at increasing velocity, and is so close to the top of your head that you feel the breeze as it passes. Lining the room are dozens of little metronomes, all ticking loudly at different speeds. 

The exhibition demonstrates 160 of Creed's works and is truly conceptualist in style. This includes a video which is played on a big screen outdoors, with the London eye for a beautiful backdrop, of a slowly erecting and deflating penis; a Ford Focus which flaps it's doors and bonnet, waves it's windscreen wipers and blares it's radio every few minutes, before returning to a normal state; a video of a young girl squatting in a white room and defecating on the floor before pulling up her knickers and running off screen, followed by a man and a lady puking their guts up; A man sat playing the full scale of the piano all the way up and all the way down, over and over and over; recordings of farts; and a row of cacti.

Despite the above mentioned, this is the most fun art exhibition I have ever been to. Whilst there are still the art gallery types wandering round with their straight faces pretending they understand the underlying meaning of all of their works, me and C laughed A LOT. We laughed, felt awed, embarrassed, liberated, amazed, and the whole experience was sensationally unreal. My Favourite part was Work No. 200 "Half the given air in a space". This was a glass room in which half of the air (it felt like so much more!) was within the big, white, latex balloons.

I would recommend this part to anyone, it was incredible. I was so excited before, during, and after. I had the most fun you can imagine in this room! You squeeze yourself into the room and close the door behind you, and immediately you are pleasantly lost in a sea of balloons.

Our happy faces!

 Creed "You experience claustrophobia and childlike lightness in about equal measure". Whilst I wasn't at all claustrophobic, it is like being returned to childhood! I experienced lightness and ridiculous happiness! Truly magnifique! 

I want my very own balloon room in my house, in which I will spend an hour a day and be the happiest person on earth, with the most rubbish hair.

I definitely do not know what the point of it was, and I definitely do not care, it made me feel so many things, and I left with a HUGE grin on my face. 

'What's the Point of it?' is open until May the 5th and I beg, if you are around and have the time, please check it out. I hope it makes you feel like it did me and C.

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