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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Positivity | #100HappyDays | Bit of a Freak

I'm joining in from today! I am a huge advocate for positivity, gratitude and appreciation and I think this cracking little idea here will work beautifully to celebrate that. Whilst being an advocate, sometimes I forget to practice what I preach and I get swept along in life, caught up in strong currents of murky and depressing water in the river 'unimportant in the grand scheme of things'. Catchy name, huh? That probably all sounds a little dramatic but I'm sure we all know how it feels to be bogged down, and anything to combat that and keep the gratitude flowing is good for me! And boy on boy do I have a lot to be grateful for.

And so it goes, for the next 100 days I will be Instagramming a different thing each day that truly made me happy, and I'd love to share my little happy hype with you. Come over and follow me on instagram by clicking here! I'd also love a seat on your happy bus too so if you are also partaking in the #100happydays please comment below and leave your links so I can come along with you! I shall be doing a happy roundup of my posts on my blog every Sunday also. Wooo woooo, all aboard!

Also, like I have read over at Lucie's blog 'FatBeautyx', I will try and save £1 for each of the 100 days and have a little happy splurge at the end.

Sometimes, I just love life!


  1. AHHH omg this is amazing lol woop woop SHOUTOUT :P

    I tell you what, despite stopping on day 4 because im shit like that, i started again haha was kinda hard to find a postive thing after I got kicked out my house haha BUTTT I want to be all happy again so have REtaken this back up and carried on from day 4.. lol nobody said I couldnt take a short break :P Are you going to be doing it on instagram? :D

    I'm using the #100dayshappy tag and #100dayshappyfatbeautyx because i think once ive done 100 ill do a post showing all 100 of them and THEN when I'm going to purchase for myself for doing it :D


    1. Ah babe, there's nothing to say it has to be consecutive :) you do what you gotta do! That sounds pants but I'm sure will lead to bigger and better. I hope you are ok? I'm doing it on instagram yes indeedy and I'm loving it :) really lovely to focus on the positives and appreciate.

      Guess what? I haven't saved a single pound, because I'm shit like that! Haha. That's a great idea to do a big post at the end! I am gonna do a smiley Sunday round up of the stuff that made me happy for the past week. If I can bring myself to, I'm a shit blogger lately. Weightloss Wednesday is down the pan already haha.

      Hope things are working out for you babe, the positivity will help that along nicely :)

      #onlylove xxx

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  3. This sounds lovely! Thank you for sharing and good luck :)

    Brittany - The Burnished Beauty