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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Birthday Presents and Celebrations| Instagram | Bit of a Freak

In an effort to fall back in love with Instagram, I figured I would show my birthday with the aid of Instagram posts! Genius, huh?

This year's celebrations were a lot more low-key than usual, I didn't want a big fuss, and I didn't actually really plan anything! However, it was definitely equally, if not a little more, enjoyable than the others.

The big 25!

Naturally, it kicked off with a pamper session. Hair coloured, cut and styled and eyebrows whipped off and shaped, all a birthday treat from my beautiful mummy, consummated with the obligatory pose-y photos.

And then it was time to get down to some serious shopping. Here's beautiful Phoebe trying on some new sunnies.


The conclusion of shopping meant home time to cook multiple meals for my big, fussy family, sink some wine, dress in the fruits of my shopping labour (LOVE this blouse, Primark, around £10) and off we went to a comedy night.

Sunday introduced a beautiful day where we all sat in the garden soaking up the sunshine until it was time to dress in more fruits of the previous day's shopping labour...

and trot off to a seafood restaurant for the official family birthday meal.

And camera wars with my uncle...

...Much to his amusement!

Monday was my actual birthday. I awoke to presents (some of which I will show below), cards, the realisation that my mum had the day off.. 

...and a very painful eye infection! SOD'S LAW. I could barely open my eye!

Another birthday present from my mum and step-dad was this double leather Pandora bracelet. I had a Pandora charm bracelet in the past which my grandma had contributed to. When I got rid of that charm bracelet I kept the charm from my grandma and wanted somewhere to wear it, without getting another. This is very simple and understated and will work perfectly. I love it.

I received more of the most beautiful flowers from my particularly spectacular boyfriend. Deliciously big roses and lillies. My absolute faves.

Sorry about the overkill, I am in love, flowers are so beautiful.

I also was given a personalised love letter necklace which made me a bit gooey.

Tucked inside is a little wooden letter which is inscribed with three words of your choice.

(front) My boyfriend chose live, laugh, and love. When I questioned why, he told me that he found it quite difficult to choose the three words, but thought of it like a triangle. He said our love was the pinnacle, which wasn't possible without the other two, you have to live in order to laugh, and you have to laugh in order to love. I love his brain. It must be so organised in there.


He also bought me a bottle of pink bubbles...

...and a box of the most delicious swiss chocolates in the world. My cousin bought me Lush products, which you can see peeping in the background. I LOVE Lush.

My friend Becky came round in the afternoon laden with scones, jam, cream, cards from her and Phoebe, and a beautiful plaque which is difficult to photograph. It says "A friend is one of the nicest things to have, and one of the loveliest things you can be." and she bought it for when I move later in the year. Beautiful. Later on I went back to Becky's house to spend the evening with her, Phoebe and Ben (Becky's boyfriend). She provided me with a candle-lit bath, it was tremendous. We are the chocolates, ordered a takeaway, and drank champagne. Well, I did anyway. Ooops.

This golden egg was my bath accompaniment of choice, although it was a bit of a disappointment. Thanks, Lush, I thought you were my mate??

All in all, it was a lovely, low-key, enjoyable weekend, surrounded by (almost) everyone I love.




  1. AH! This post made me smile and warmed my heart! It just spreads out happiness, love, and sunshine! Thank you for that K!

  2. And thank you, A, for your beautiful comment. Xxx