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I'm Kathryn. At 26 years old (WAH) and I have recently left university (DOUBLE WAH) after 6 glorious years of studying a BSc (hons) in Psychology and a PGCE (primary). I have a glorious boyfriend who I am away from a lot which means I am sometimes one of those psycho girlfriends. I am sure you will be hearing about that one day.

I originate from the middle of England, although I moved south last year to undertake my PGCE course. I have recently acquired a southern teaching post and so I will be staying down here for a while. Not entirely sure what's wrong with me. I, like every other blogger I imagine, absolutely love writing. I spend a lot of time reading the blogs of others and watching vlogs. I often find them very inspiring, educational, motivational, and a bit funny, which is why I started a blog of my own. I used to blog anonymously, which I think is a dangerous game, so I deleted and have now started again from the very beginning, without anonymity! Scary!

My blog is generally a lot of ramble about anything I fancy on the day, I expect it to be a mishmash of lifestyle, teaching highs and lows, and general chitchattyness. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I love writing it!

Kathryn xx

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