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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Kedleston Hall | National Trust | Bit of a Freak

We have been positively spoilt with glorious sunshine in Derbyshire of late. It has been wonderful to wake up bathed in sunrays and jump out of bed with a spring in my step wondering what the day will bring. The sun puts everyone in a much more positive mood. Saturday was no exception, it was beautiful and sunny. I had originally set Saturday afternoon aside to do some boring stuff (housework) but when my friend Becky text to ask if I fancied a bit of exploring and lunch the housework was quickly dropped and Kedleston Hall, owned by the National Trust, was decided as the location of choice.

To quote the National Trust website Kedleston Hall is akin to stepping back into the 1760s; it is a spectacular Neo-classical mansion framed by historical parkland.

But first things first, lunch. We popped to the restaurant at the side of the mansion for afternoon tea (although they called it high tea - if anyone knows the difference please comment below!). Everything was delicious, and for a little under £7 per person was an absolute steal! The staff were also incredible attentive and helpful. 

Little Phoebe sat very patiently waiting for her broccoli, sweet potato and pea puree. I was almost jealous. 

After lunch, we set to exploring the grounds. They were truly beautiful.

Phoebe wanted to play the "let's pretend I live here" game and rolled off to pose for a photo in front of 'her' house of her own accord. Obviously me and Becky played along and snapped the picture. Children, eh?

Even Phoebe couldn't believe the beauty of the place!

She was truly astounded.

We found a million snowdrops that almost looked like real snow. I really wanted to sit Phoebe in the middle of them and photograph it but she fallen asleep from the excitement of it all! SOB.

This Mr. Blackface was my favourite sheep. He almost let me get close enough to touch him before he did this weird little run away from me. I was baaa-ing and everything. Maybe I was convincing and that's why he liked me.

We had the most wonderful day and left just as the sun was dipping, excited for our next adventure.

Do you have any National Trust/Stately home faves?


  1. The food looked goood!
    great pics :)

    1. Hi, Daisy. Thank you very much. The food was really delicious!! xx

  2. Looks and sounds like you had an amazing time. The views are breathtaking! x
    Heroine In Heels

  3. It was a beautiful day :) thanks for your comment Laura x