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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Afternoon tea treat - MADE @ No.18, Derbyshire | Bit of a Freak

Oh, hello there lovely blog page. It has been a while. However, the urge to blog has arisen from the dark depths and so I grabbed it with both hands and I rode with it. It is the summer holidays after all, and I had the loveliest experience this afternoon which I would rather like to share with you. 

Me and my mummy decided we should go for an afternoon tea treat; we had heard about a new(ish) place that had opened in town and people were RAVING about it, and so I booked us in for a bit of naughtiness.

We had a very lazy morning consisting only of breakfast and tv and headed out late afternoon for a wander around town before it was time for us to indulge.

Please excuse the eyebrows, they're in dire need of some TLC! 

We got dressed up smart and posed for a couple of photos before we left.

Neither of us had experienced a 'proper' afternoon tea before, even though I thought I had and blogged about it here (it was actually high tea), but I can tell you that it will now become a regular occurrence. We went to a place called M.A.D.E @ No.18 which is located in a small town called Alfreton in Derbyshire. 

It is a lovely, quaint little place within a Georgian building which is really beautifully decorated. 

It is not just a cafe-bistro which serves scrumptious food, it also boasts a theater, runs arts and craft classes, exhibits and sells arts and crafts items which have been made by local people, and aims to provide an environment in which everybody can enjoy and take part in the arts and fill their bellies with home grown and home cooked food at the same time. There's also a book club. Amazing. This is the kind of place that I want to own when I grow up!

The afternoon tea was £10 per person which we found to be extremely reasonable considering the quality and quantity of the food we received. 

We both left with very full tummies, having finished every crumb! However, if you aren't as piggy as us, they're happy to send you home with a little doggy bag of your leftovers. 

Attention to detail with regards to the layout of the table was joyous and made my little heart sing, with beautiful cutlery and crockery that I wanted to chuck into my bag. 

All in all, we had a really lovely afternoon together, filling our faces whilst reminiscing about past times. I left feeling very full, very satisfied, and very at peace with the world. Which is clearly the recipe of feels which makes me want to blog! 

I've missed ya!

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