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Sunday, 15 February 2015



I haven't blogged in forever, but you know, I just felt like it and so here I am, back again as if I never left. I just wanted to tell you that I got ugly. 

I am not even slightly joking, somehow, somewhere, some day, I got ugly. I am unable to take nice photos, I live in my god awful glasses, I can't remember the last time I sat and actually had a good pamper SLASH just did normal girl things (sometimes boys too, sorry) like straightening my hair. My nails aren't even unpainted and nicely shaped and plain, they are in need of a good filing and had the remains of red nail varnish on which I did for a student night out, which actually was rather catastrophic. FURTHER, I don't plan outfits, I just pick up anything that's clean and chuck it on with a blazer, often the same blazer, in the hope of looking at least a little professional.

I look through my phone at my old photos and there are rather a lot of selfies which make me want to cry, because I didn't used to be this ugly and I used to have lovely hair and lovely make-up and now, not!

"WHY?" you ask, "WHY aren't you taking pride in your appearance??", well I shall tell you why, shall I? I moved 200 miles away from my beloved Derbyshire and I am currently studying a PGCE in Winchester, which, SHEESH KABOB, IS HARD!! It's tough. It comes as quite a shock as I have actually led quite a privileged life before now, coasting around, enjoying 5 years of undergrad uni (5 FANTASTIC YEARS MAY I ADD) and now it's like BOOM welcome to this really hard world where you may not have a day, hour or even minute off from the job and expectations of you are phenomenal. HI THERE. 

I have also have a new house to run and keep clean because my boyfriend is floating around the sea somewhere, and house stuff involves A LOT, like cleaning, hoovering, washing, drying, cooking, changing bed clothes, re-dressing the bed, etc etc too much too much. I have ALSO dived head first into a full on fitness mission in which I walk around 6 miles a day to uni and back (when I am not on placement), I run 3 times a week, and I have just started swimming. My life is jam packed like a tin of sardines and something had to go and I have realised that something is my face/clothes/life. Now this may sound like a completely normal life to some, and I am sure it will all shimmy on down and settle into place, but right now it's hard and I'm just putting it out there.

So yeah, I figured the first step to recovery was admittance, and so I have put it out to the whole of the internet that I have gotten ugly and now I will try harder.

That's all. 

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