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Monday, 17 February 2014

Urban Decay Naked 2 DUPE! | Bit of a Freak

This is EXCITING! Shopping in Next last week I almost screamed with delight when I stumbled upon this little beauty! My boyfriend looked at me bemused as I tried to explain that it looked as if I had found the perfect Urban Decay Naked 2 dupe palette. He literally didn't have a clue what I was banging on about but bought it for me anyway, he's a good egg. Introducing the W7 in the buff palette!

The similar packaging caught my eye!

When I got home I set about swatching and picturing the Naked 2 copy-cat and was amazed at the quality. 

So here are the close ups and the matching swatches:

Left-right: Buff, Camel, Sand, Dust Chocolate, Topaz.
Left-rght: Buff, Camel, Sand, Dust, Chocolate, Topaz.
Left-right: Earth, Storm, Silk, Wave, Thunder, Onyx.

Left-right: Earth, Storm, Silk, Wave, Thunder, Onyx.

I never have the highest expectations for dupes but this little beauty well exceeded them; it was surprisingly pigmented and with a beautiful texture, the colour was easy to blend and buildable. It was not at all chalky. As you can see, the palette consists of 12 neutral colours, 9 shimmer shades and 3 mattes. The packaging of the palette is tin, just like the Naked palettes, and comes with an applicator which I won't be using it, however, considering this was £5.99 I definitely cannot grumble.. All swatches were pictured on clean and bare skin and the colour pay-off was still very impressive. I have been hankering after the Urban Decay Naked palettes for a while and they are firmly on my birthday wish list, but I just couldn't afford them at almost £40 a pop. After this little discovery I'm glad I didn't break the bank and whilst I will still be wanting the Naked palettes, they will be saved for best only. As you can probably tell, I was extremely pleased with my new purchase! 

What are your favourite dupe products? 


  1. Can't believe this was only £5.99, the shades look so gorgeous and pigmented!

    Josie xxx

    1. I am seriously impressed with it! Fast becoming my every day go-to palette! xxx